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Great Gift Ideas .. Vintage Afternoon Tea 

So Many Options. Where to Start?

Why not give a gift of love with a special Vintage Afternoon Tea. Sit and enjoy our unique little shop surrounded by Vintage Antique hand painted furniture and home accessories all beside the beautiful views of Harwich Quay 


It’s All in the Details

Unexpected Surprises

Here at VintageFresh we don't just paint furniture we can add decorative details to make your furniture unique to you and create that special one of a kind statement piece . Using decorative paint effects from graing to marbling, embellished designs 3d stencilling and of course the unique Shabby Chic  from rustic to sleek we can create and paint  just for you... Visit our retail shop on Harwich Quay... Also enjoy good coffees and Tea with homemade cakes all from our unque little shop .. Look forward to seeing you soon 


Back to Basics

How to Choose

Just a simple stencil can add a world of difference to an original Vintage Antique interior ..come and as us about 3d stencilling  and embossed designs 


It’s All in the Details

Painted furniture to your design from graining to marbling and the classic shabby chic ...  let us Upcycle your furniture...

Custom painted for customer ...let us Upcycle your furniture 

Ideas & Inspiration: Ideas & Inspiration
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