Venice Lime paint....Beautiful walls

Autentico Venice is a pure lime paint to turn your wall in a piece of art or to paint furniture with simply stunning results Using almost all hand picked colours as for Autentico VintageĀ® this lime paint is really something special.

Lime paint needs a mineral subsurface for full functionality. So on existing mineral surfaces like unpainted plaster, bricks and concrete, lime paint can be applied without the need to prime.
If you are in doubt, do apply a primer coat first. Just use our Vintage colour white for that job and off you go !

On furniture always apply a primer coat first.

On walls Autentico Venice needs to be applied with a long haired wide lime brush.
This helps to achieve the typical lime paint finish.
On furniture you want to use a normal but long haired brush.Lime paint.
Autentico Venice can be finished with our special sealer to make it water repellent or with our clear wax/lime wax to achieve the most beautiful results !