Vintage Chalk Paint...........

chalk based paint : Autentico Vintage

Do you want to paint furniture without the need to strip
down or sand?
Are you looking for that typical chalky finish without the need to mix messy paints ?
Would you also like to create an aged look ?
Do you just want to paint a wall or floor with a unique chalky finish ?

we've got it !

Autentico Vintage chalk based paint was especially developed -using old recipies and only natural ingredients - for your job:
it sticks to almost any surface
no need to extensive priming (*)
water based and VOC-low, no harmful additives
can be used as it is or diluted with water or leave the lid open overnight to thicken.
no need to mix paint without ever achieving the colour you want....
stunning colour scheme with more than 130 deep and rich colours
available in 100 ml testers, 1 L, 2.5 L pots
(*) general painting rules apply....

if you would like any help you are
welcome to call us 07854 461 569 ask for Merritt x...

£3.00 .each..free PP

Contains all 4 colour sheets £12.00
free PP

if you would like multiple orders please contact us for postal price...