About the chalk paints........

Autentico Chalk Paint VINTAGE ...

This is the chalk paint everyone is raving about...perfect for painting your furniture. Covers most surfaces easily with minimal preparation. Chalk based paint : Autentico Vintage .......
Do you want to paint furniture without the need to strip down or sand?
Are you looking for that typical chalky finish without the need to mix messy paints ?
Would you also like to create an aged look ?
Do you just want to paint a wall or floor with a unique chalky finish ?

we've got it ! Autentico Vintage chalk based paint was especially developed -using old recipies and only natural ingredients - for your job:it sticks to almost any surface no need FOR extensive priming.

(*)water based and VOC-low, no harmful additives
Can be used as it is or diluted with water or leave the lid open overnight to thicken. no need to mix paint without ever achieving the colour you want....stunning colour scheme with more than 130 deep and rich colours available in 100 ml testers, 1 L, 2.5 L pots

(*) general painting rules apply.

You are welcome to call us 07854 461 569 ask for Merritt x...for any help you may require..thank you

Neutrals and Browns n Greys...

Blues greens and Italians


Click here to see what we have been painting with Autentico Vintage..... We would love to see what you have created share your pics to us on our facebook page


Shabby Chic dresser in Autentico Reindeer Pebbles Ivoey and Cocos, painted in different techniques showing you how the paint works

IMG_3590shabby chic dresser Autentico Chalk Paint colours

Drawers and doors painted in combination of colours, middel drawer Reindeer. right hand drawer Pebbles, bottom right door Coco's,middle door Ice Cream....Top back of dresser Coco's, one coat

Autentico Chalk Paint VELVET......

Chalky wall paint : Autentico Velvet is a chalky wall paint with a velvety finish
Ideal for higher traffic area and perfect for kirchen cabinets...Seal with Autentico sealer
Using the same hand picked colours as Autentico Vintage this paint is more runny and has less resins than our Vintage range. This makes it ideal for painting walls and ceilings.

Velvet is water based, VOC low and is easy to apply with a roller.
Velvet is ideal to combine with our Vintage or Venice range and it delivers a tight and smooth finish together with a unrivalled depth of colour.
Autentico Velvet chalky wall paint is the ultimate wall paint for your job:to be used on walls and ceilings.

No need to prime, water based and VOC-low, no harmful additives.
Can be used as it is or diluted with water.

No need to mix paint without ever achieving the colour you want....

Stunning colour scheme with more than 130 deep and rich colours,

Same palette as Autentico Vintage available in 1 L, 2.5 L and 5 L


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